The Minahasa-Sangihe Chronicle

Wow. That was quite a journey. In fact, it was more than just a normal journey.

Remember when I said that I went to Manado and Sangihe with my uncle to trace our ancestry and a bit of soul-searching on my part? Well, we’ve achieved both objectives to the fullest extent. My soul-searching had reaped much more benefits for me than I had expected, bringing me the kind of spiritual bliss I couldn’t have found anywhere else.

I’ll start blogging on my daily journals in North Sulawesi tomorrow, as I’m too tired to write/recount anything now. Having just arrived in Jakarta this afternoon after a fully tiring-yet-exciting three-week trip, I know that I have to spare some time to recuperate myself. Not that I’m weak or what, but it’s already a great thing that I hadn’t fallen sick there, because being active out in the both the forest and the beach had never been very well-suited for my body before. God had literally blessed my journey there.

I also need some time to pick which pictures (out of the ±900 images I took there) are suitable to be uploaded here. The Minahasa-Sangihe Chronicle, as I choose to call it, is going to be written on a day-to-day basis, with certain days merged in one blog post because not all of my days there are well-documented: some are less documented than the others.

One thing to be noted though: In my strict self-adherence to the anonymous-blogging-policy, I wouldn’t upload any images that show me or any of my family members there, hence this whole Minahasa-Sangihe Chronicle will lack any pictures of me or Uncle R. The individual names that I am going to post on this blog, with exception to those who aren’t related to me by blood, are going to be altered for pseudonyms or initials. However, all events, happenings, and place names are still going to be recounted exactly as they are.

All in all, it was a very inspiring and splendid journey I had there. And I’ve finally found the essence of my soul, Hohohoo……!!! (^o^)


Whatever your interpretation on my last sentence above, keep it to yourself, OK? Hahaha…

Kupang  – (23 August 2008 at 17:40)  


Like to excahnge with you info about the dynasties of Satal past and present.
Thank you.

Hormat saya:
DP Tick gRMK/Puska

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