Is China going to poison the entire world population? I hope not.

With the most recent cases hitting the news in Japan, I couldn’t help but wondering if PRC (People’s Republic of China) is really that intent on poisoning the entire world over. Those Chinese-made dumplings in Japan are found containing traces of insecticide, as Mainichi reported.

I hope there wouldn’t be any point in time of my life when I have to visit China for any reason whatsoever, because in that case I would have to eat their food and then risk some choking, hospitalisation, or worse: DEATH. In a really urgent case however—if I have to visit that country due to business trips or medical reasons— I’d make sure that I have plenty amount of food from outside China in my suitcases. Doesn’t matter if my luggage is overweight (I’ll just pay the excess), my life is more expensive, isn’t it? May God forbid me to enter China forever, eh…

And next time I buy furniture or any electronic goods, I’ll make sure that it isn’t "MADE IN CHINA", to avoid being poisoned by its scent or whatsoever. Not that I’m suggesting anyone to do the same thing though..

Finally Woken  – (1 February 2008 at 14:36)  

But China bans SK II because they find dangerous chemical in its products, which caused a huge stir since China is one of the biggest market for practically everything.

What I'm trying to say is there's been a big rivalry between China and Japan which goes back to yesteryear and ancestor time, so sometimes we have to wonder what the sentiment behind the action.

Just my two cents.

厚山 利彦 (Toshihiko Atsuyama)  – (3 February 2008 at 10:10)  

I'm well aware of that China-Japan furore. The sentiment between both China and Japan is similar to the Indonesia-Malaysia relation. Their cultures are intrinsically related, yet their hatred toward each other is rooted in their veins.

However, the poisoned Japanese are not the only victims... A little while ago there were several ppl in Nicaragua got poisoned by Chinese goods, remember? You can type in "Chinese Nicaragua poison" (without apostrophes) in Google for references. ^^

Bu-A-ya  – (10 February 2008 at 00:24)  

I think the danger of using chinese products is over-rated.

China is a big manufacturing country and it produces great number of products. The quality of the products also differ among each manufacturing companies.

Oh, yes it's true that there is high number of incidents from using chinese products. I heard about the lethal toothpaste containing "antifreeze" substance from china.

But the number of incidence is high because China produces a large number of products as well.

The more reliable measure to determine product safety would be number of incidence over number of products used.

I once read that if you use that measure, the level of hazard from using chinese products would be similar to using products produced in most countries.

The hazard in US is even far lower than the hazard from using products from several latin american countries.

Finally Woken  – (11 February 2008 at 19:22)  

L'Oreal has several factories including in Indonesia, and the biggest one is in China. You've never heard L'Oreal's poisonous products, right?

It goes with quality control and how much you bend the regulation.

Actually the biggest issue for China is work ethics, as MNCs are pushed by the public to tighten the control over their working practice (no kid workers, good working conditions, etc).

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