The English equivalent for the Indonesian term “Sugesti” (Ini dia Bahasa Inggrisnya “Sugesti”!)

I just found out after reading a health article in The Jakarta Post that the English word for the Indonesian term sugesti is Placebo effect.

All this while, my Kamus Indonesia-Inggris (Indonesian-English dictionary) defines the word sugesti as:

“power (hypnotic, etc.) to direct another’s actions”

The dictionary only gives the meaning without giving any exact English equivalent.

Now that I’ve known the English equivalent, I looked it up on my Longman dictionary which defines Placebo effect as:

“the positive effect achieved by a substance given to a patient instead of medicine, without telling them it is not real, so that they get better because they think they are taking medicine”


Dessy  – (14 April 2011 at 21:59)  


but sugesti not merely has positive effect, right? so,what the equivalent for negative effect? thank u.

kansai2kansas  – (26 April 2011 at 09:38)  

The opposite is called "nocebo effect"

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