Why do we find the term “INDON” insulting?

It may seem like the Indonesian equivalent created to the derogatory jargon “Malingsia” created by the Malaysians, but it isn’t.

During the 2 years I lived in Singapore, Singaporean and Malaysian friends of mine are very used to shorten “Indonesia” to “Indon” even though they mean no insult (and thus we Indonesians there are OK hearing that term), yet it is such a surprise for me when we return to Indonesia to find the term “Indon” widely accepted as a disparaging term.

Not that I’m being a Malaysian apologist here –as I don’t like that neighbouring country too— but believe me, most Malaysians and Singaporeans mean no insult when they use the term. The abbreviation has been a part of Singlish as far as I know and thus, a part of Manglish (Malaysian English) too.

(FYI, outside Indonesia the shortened term of “Indo” is more widely used to refer to the Indochina region, hence the additional letter N. another thing, “Indo” is the Japanese word for “India”)

I've made a discussion and poll on this issue here.

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