Why bomb threats shouldn't be taken seriously

It was on the news yesterday how the Christmas celebrations around Indonesia went well and turned out to be 100% safe, despite having an anonymous bomb threat in a Plaza in the Tanah Abang district of Southern Jakarta. 20 bomb squad officers were sent there to secure the area.

Now that is plain stupid.

Nope, not the bomb hoax guy who is stupid, but the police.

Wanna know why I choose to direct his teasing at the police instead?

It’s because of the common sense of logic that a real terrorist would never ever notify anyone – not even their wife – of any terror attacks they are planning. See the logic now?

If I were a terrorist, I would of course plan my attacks very carefully and take care not to even mention the word “bomb” or “TNT” to anyone outside of my terrorist link, let alone the police!! That way, the bomb could have exploded for good.

Indeed, there are times when there are criminals who like to “play” the police by planting an explosive device in a public place during big national holidays and then called in the cops for a “bomb-challenge” due to their personal vengeance with the police force, yet such cases are very rare to be found.

That anonymous caller who notified the police of a bomb threat is perhaps a guy with nothing else to do than sitting around at those warung (traditional Indonesian coffee shop) stalls and a public phone nearby.

How to make an anonymous bomb hoax

Please be aware that the writing above is “How to make an anonymous bomb hoax”, NOT “How to make an anonymous bomb threat”, as my blog isn’t related to any f***ing-organisations-I-shouldn’t-name-here-due-to-safety-reasons!

Now that I think about it, I actually know exactly how to make such hoaxes. This idea came to me during my 2nd year of Secondary school exam period while I was having a late night discussion with a friend of mine on how to make the exams postponed.

One of the ideas that struck my mind was to make an anonymous phone call to the Headmaster’s office saying that a bomb would be detonated at the next day if the fraudulent so-called “bomber” (which would be ME) saw any student came to school on that day of examination.

My friend and I laughed the idea off. It was just a sidetrack harmless joke, and of course I never made such phone calls. I could have done it if I want to, by paying a visit to a public phone nearby, wear gloves as to cover my fingerprints from the phone handle, and disguise my voice by muffling my mouth. But such a phone call would create unnecessary troubles for my teachers and headmasters, and I don’t wanna see myself doing such a nasty evil trickery to some of the teachers whom I respect. That’s why I didn’t make that call.

Lols. Anybody can try it of course, but please don’t try that with your home phone, otherwise you’ll soon see a big fat burly cop paying a visit to your door.

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