My comment on Amazing Race Asia Season 2

Never before had I found an episode of Amazing Race franchise to be as tense as the 6th instalment yesterday.

I liked Amazing Race and I watched it once in a while, but I didn’t care to watch any of the Amazing Race Asia season 1 instalments due to the lower money price of $100,000 for Asians (which I deem discriminatory towards Asia as a whole, and thus I boycotted the show by not watching it).

However, as I flicked my remote control to the 1st instalment of Amazing Race Asia’s Season 2, I was surprised to find so many good-looking girls participated in the reality show. Well some of the guys are quite hunks too, but do I care?

The prettiest girls are namely, Aurelia, Sawaka, and Paula (my favourite! )

Now that I watch ARA, AR doesn’t look very interesting to me anymore, as they mainly consist of the typical American teams with the so-so looks and freaks once in a while (such as Gay partners, Goth partners, and other kinds of freaks).

It was quite a disappointment for me to watch Aurelia’s team eliminated 3rd, but I think she and Sophie deserved it as a team. Their team was so disorganised and Sophie was a pugnacious girl (whom everybody would love to hate) that I could say their elimination was a comeuppance.

The 1st half of the 5th leg (where the race went from New Zealand to Japan) went on quite well with my fave teams (Paula-Natasha, Adrian-Collin, and Daichi-Sawaka) leading in the front.

However, things didn’t seem so well with Daichi-Sawaka ending up in the 5th place on the end of that 1st half, despite competing in their own country and having the advantage of knowledge and familiarity with directions. Indeed, it was adumbrative of how they are going to be eliminated on the 2nd half.

I got teary-eyed seeing Daichi-Sawaka’s team eliminated, as I really loved seeing them racing. Apart from being Japanese, they have quite a good teamwork and they’re able to speak English coherently.

(Well, no offence here, but it is a common knowledge that almost no Japanese could speak decent English. A lot of Japanese teachers of English are able to write in good English, yet it is very rare to find any of them who can speak intelligible English. Yep, I wonder whether Daichi and Sawaka had spent significant time outside of Japan that they were able to speak good English…)

Anyway, back to the topic.
I wonder if I could watch the next instalment of ARA2 with the same enjoyment as before… Things wouldn’t be the same with one of my favourites fell, huh.

I just really hope that Ann and Diane got eliminated next, which means that my personal (and most people’s) vengeance are well-served.

And by the way, since the ARA2 is already over 6 months ago, I wonder if any of them are reading my blog now. Even then, they wouldn’t be able to tell me any spoilers, as the regulation obliges them to pay US$500,000 if they do so.

All in all, despite not being my favourite, the Marc-Rovilson team is the most likely winner of the show. Their good cooperation and fit postures (which is very suitable for a race like this) makes their team has the highest chance to win. Adrian and Collin has a disadvantage of being hearing-impaired (I’m not being discriminative here, but it’s a truth that that fact slows them down sometimes). Paula and Natasha has good cooperation (and bodies too! ), but they’re not as fast as the Marc-Rovilson team.

Regarding the Philippines couple (Terri-Henry), what should I say about them? Well, they’re very uncooperative, but I think Terri has finally learned how to appreciate her husband better in South Korea with all the challenges there. She was even the one who took the patience Roadblock (where she had to find the right padlock amongst myriad of them with one key)! Man, I was surprised to see her taking it, I expected Henry to take it instead actually, being the more patient one.

Anonymous –   – (30 January 2008 at 04:15)  

Speculations that marc and rovilson didn't make it to as the winner but runner up rather and 3rd place were vanessa and pamela..they are now currently participating in local race event here in the philippines in a beach resort together with some filipino celebrities. however, colin and adrian won the amazing race asia 2. [as you can see they're the only team featured in the sonyHD commercial.] note that no other team are featured with same style and storyline of the advertisement.

Anonymous –   – (30 January 2008 at 04:15)  
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Anonymous –   – (31 January 2008 at 11:02)  

according to yahoo answers from singapore...Adrian and Collin probably won the race because they had a commercial in Sony Ericsson....

Anonymous –   – (23 December 2008 at 03:45)  

There is less prize money because 100,000 US is worth more to the asian teams, American teams wouldn't compete in such a huge race if it weren't worth a million dollars.

Also, I think its kinda insulting that you called gay people freaks when you previously said how upset you were that the american teams were so-so people. The Amazing Race US edition actually has cast members from every cross section of america... people don't have to be models to appear on a reality show cause then it wouldn't be realistic.

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