Regarding the blog rank in IndonesiaMatters

I was surprised to receive an e-mail from Patung two days ago – a rank system for Indonesian-based blogs.

And honestly, I felt quite honoured as a newbie in the Indonesian blogging world to deserve a place among the top 200 position.

Here’s a snapshot of the site two days ago:

My Blog rank: 137

I initially thought that the ranks are updated monthly since it’s still in Beta version, yet I was wrong… My blog shifted 34 positions below as a corollary for getting less clicks than the preceding days:

My Blog rank: 171

Yep... I suck, huh? I guess I could be kicked out of the Top 200 position if I ain’t careful… Better improve the quality of my site soon!

Anyway, I could largely assume that the medium tongue of the blog really does matter, as the rank system also lists Indonesian-based blogs in three separate language sections: Indonesian, English, and Javanese.

In the English section, my blog ranks 64 out of 100 blogs as of today, which means that there is a large gap in between my real rank and my English-blog-rank. Since there are only 63 blogs in English that has lower rank than mine, I could say that there are 107 Indonesian-language blogs ahead of mine. (There are only a mere total of 3 Javanese blogs altogether which number is negligible enough)

Here are the snapshots for the bridging Indonesian blogs rank:

My Bridge-Blog rank: 62

My Bridge-Blog rank now: 64

Does this whole picture hint a shift onto blogging in Bahasa Indonesia? I don’t think so. Despite being my mother tongue, I always find myself much more comfy in writing in English. It always feels better to have my blog understood by the whole world anyway…

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