Methods for quitting smoking

* Self-help. When unable to quit cold-turkey, smokers can use a wide variety of resources to help them. They include self-help books, pamphlets, videos, audiotapes and even websites. This method is particularly useful for those with a mild nicotine addiction and those with moderate to high levels of social support.

* Counseling. Individual counseling with a doctor, a nurse or specialists help smokers design and carry out their path toward recovery. Telephone counseling is also a choice for smokers who can’t provide time to consult experts.

* Intensive counseling. Intensive one with an expert on quitting helps smokers set up measurable goals and methods. This is the best choice for highly addicted smokers who have tried stopping several times but never succeeded.

* Alternative method. There are various alternative therapies that can help smokers quit. This includes acupuncture, hypnosis, reiki and even yoga. This method is applicable for those with an on-and-off relationship with cigarettes.

~From various sources~

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