Meeting with Stanford.

I met up with Ford last Friday in Plaza Indonesia. The appointment was on 11.30 and I was on time (fortunately! The first time I came on time in years!) and firstly had lunch in a hot dog parlour where he told me a secret which unfortunately can’t be blogged here as I’ve sworn silence.

We talked abt heaps of stuff: girls, sex, booze, Todai, EJU, future education, brands, Christmas, JJC, ACJC, IB, old friends, our batch, juniors, seniors, ACS halltutors, fun-ness in JC, etc as we strolled inside the entire Plaza Indonesia and the adjacent e’X.

Then we went to the newly built Grand Indonesia which is located just across the street. There Ford told me how he had not taken a public transport in Jakarta (gasp as you like) as his parents forbids him to.

Now that… is… cool! I kinda sympathise him you know, haven’t got even the least bit of dip to experience a “taste of poverty” in Jakarta. He hadn’t even taken the Transjakarta bus ride yet before, one of the most convenient means of transport in Jakarta (though it turned into hellish during rush hour!)

We parted at 5.30 when his chauffeur picked him up in his Kijang. Man, it would mean probably years before I ever meet him again! That is, provided I don’t go to Singapore this March…

I went home by Transjakarta and changed transport into Metro Mini no.79 in Blok M, the orange transport wherein one could experience the utmost contrast from the upscale and indulgent life advertised in Jakarta malls.


Just bought ELDEST after church mass today in PIM’s Periplus for Rp 85,000—which would engage me in fantasy adventures of Eragon and his chum the dragon Saphira for at least the entirety of the next week.

Also bought a TIME magazine where the main coverage is about the most lucrative nations for business and the Green Vote in Australia

Never thought that Australia is the worst polluter in the world, huh? With a population which is just a bit above 20 million people, it hardly fills in the space of 1/10 of the American population altogether, and yet we always thought that the Americans are the worst polluter.

Enough said. Bike to work, SBY say.

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