Indovision or Astro? I don’t care.

I know that if you reside in Indonesia and fluent in English, chances are you’re subscribed to Astro now.

Or, at some point, you “converted” from Indovision to that of Astro “faith”, with its new offer of the "divine" English Premier League.

But I don’t care. I’m sticking to Indovision, because the only football matches I ever bother to watch are the World Cups, where I can witness the quality of a multiracial sporting event where the players of opposing sides don’t usually speak the same language.

Oh well, unless you don’t subscribe to cable TV in the first place, I know that you’ve got that Indovision decoder at your roof exchanged for an Astro one.

What a waste, I say. Indovision costs Rp 150,000 monthly while Astro costs the same merely for the first three months. Then, Astro would charge you Rp 250,000 which is a hell lot more expensive than Indovision.

I’d rather buy the month’s National Geographic, Readers’ Digest, and TIME magazines with the Rp 100,000 you wasted.

But oh well.

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