Blood, sweat and tears.

The following text is originally lifted from the trivia section of The Jakarta Post dated Saturday, 10 November 2007.

~Compiled from various sources~

  • The average healthy person can lose as much as 1/3 of his/her blood without fatal results.
  • The sound heard by a listener when holding a seashell to his ear does not come from the shell itself. It is the echo of the blood pulsing in the listener’s own ear.
  • On average, a person has two million sweat glands.
  • The average adult loses 540 calories with every liter of sweat. Men sweat about 40 percent more than women.
  • There are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in your feet, and they sweat as much as 0.25 kg of moisture per day.
  • Men sweat more than women. This is because women can better regulate the amount of water they lose.
  • The human body has over 600 muscles, 40 percent of the body’s weight.
  • The average adult male, having about 34 kg of muscle, can bench-press 88 percent of his body-weight, or about 19.5 kg.
  • The average man’s muscles comprise about 40 per cent of body weight, or about 34 kg.
  • A person uses 200 muscles to take a single step forward.
  • It requires the use of 72 muscles to speak a single word.
  • The longest muscle in the body is the sartorius. This narrow muscle of the thigh passes obliquely across the front of the thigh and helps rotate the leg to the position assumed sitting in cross-legged.
  • The smooth muscles of the human body operate involuntarily and are located inside organs, such as the stomach and intestines.
  • When you pull out a nose hair, your tears come only from the eye on that side.
  • The reason why your nose gets runny when you are crying is because the tears from the eyes drain into your nose.
  • The longest bout of hiccups lasted 69 years.
  • People are the only animals that cry tears.
  • The human body makes anywhere from half to 1.5 litres of saliva every 24 hours.
  • In your lifetime, you’ll produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.
  • The average talker sprays about 300 microscopic saliva droplets per minute (about 2.5 droplets per word).
  • A person will die from total lack of sleep sooner than from starvation. Death will occur after 10 days without sleep, while starvation takes a few weeks.
  • If you are locked in a completely sealed room, you will dir of carbon dioxide poisoning before you die of oxygen deprivation.
  • You can’t kill yourself by holding your breath.
  • You can burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV.

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