If I were given US$ 1 Million tomorrow, what would I do with it?

One may say this is a kinda wishful thinking. Yeah, you may say so. Let’s imagine that tomorrow I win $ 1 million from a lottery. What would I do with it?

Well, let’s firstly convert it into the Rupiah currency:

Rp 9,400,000,000

And for the sake of clarity, I’ll round it up into Rp 10 billion. I’ll also round up other price figures as well.


Let’s start.

First of all, Rp 10 billion to spent.

The first thing that comes to my mind is… to invest it. I would invest (or just save) 30% of it in the bank, insurance, or may be even play in the stock market (as I may not understand the business world yet, I’d ask my businessman uncle to help me out in these).

Now there is Rp 7 billion left.

The second thing is… my own education. I would spend the first Rp 50 million for education in a Japanese language school. Together with my family, I would fulfil my lifelong dream to fly to Japan and enrol in a Japanese language school for at least 6 months.

And yeah, as there are a lot of expensive stuff there, so an approximate figure for living costs and educational cost, transport, etc should be around Rp 150 million for 6 months.

Rp 6,850,000 left.

Returning to Indonesia, I’d enrol myself in computer courses in accordance to my Dad’s suggestion until its highest completion.

Rp 6,800,000 left.

After finishing the Japanese and computer courses, I’d then set aside Rp 1.5 billion for bachelor’s degree in a prestigious university in USA.

Rp 5,300,000 left.

I would donate Rp 400 million to various orphanages in Indonesia.

Rp 4,900,000 left.

I would donate Rp 400 million to improve school facilities in several primary schools I selected across Java.

Rp 4,500,000 left.

I would spend Rp 500 million to purchase a car for my family’s use. I have no car brands in mind yet, but preferably it’s either Korean or Japanese manufactured.

Rp 4 billion.

My extended family comes to mind. There are a lot of my family members who have hefty debts that reach even hundreds of millions of Rupiah. And the others are simply in need of money. I would give them Rp 2 billion straightaway with no strings attached.

Rp 2 billion.

I would also offer all my cousins –who are all younger than me— to enrol in international schools in Jakarta so that they can get quality educations like the way I had.

Rp 1 billion.

I then set aside the remaining Rp 1 billion for my parents’ pension fund savings.

Rp 0 left.

So, is my money wisely spent and invested? Only God knows.

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