What does it mean exactly, to be inside eternity?

For those who believe in Heaven and Hell, the eternity can be defined easily as “a concept of living forever under a timelessness existence”.

But that’s where the mystery remains.

For us all who are living in this world as normal human, we know that our existence inside this mortal body is temporary.

Because life is ephemeral and we know that.

We only become a baby and get breastfeed for two years at most. We go to school for 12 years, study in college for four years, and work for around 40 years before we finally retire.

The word "eternity" really gives us all the creep.

In our life cycle, everything that we do is temporary, which means that they can all be counted in years. Everything we do, no matter how perfect or abominable, is all limited by yearly duration.

Even if we get a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, it’s still an ephemeral kind of suffering; let’s say 100 years at most..?

While in eternity, what do we get?

Heaven? Hell? Or endless expanse of white floor where there is nothing else in sight?

Let’s say we’re fortunate. Let’s say we escape the rung of hell and enter the paradise for eternity.

Then we pose ourselves the question: what do we see there? What is paradise like? Who do we meet there?

That’s why the idea of being within eternity—whatever form it may take; heaven, hell, or purgatory— is creepy.

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