Tuesday, 29 August 2006

I just finished watching Kimi ga Nozomu Eien last nite and oh… how sad (yet happy) the ending of the story is! If you love romance animes, then this one should be put on your must-watch list. Just like the way Korean drama “Sad Love Story” ending turn out unexpectably tragic, KgNE also turn out very unexpectably happy yet sad. Ah, just check out for the review yourself, lar…

Having finished the first 2 prelim papers and ugh… I screwed up in the English I! Really, doing the section 2 was completely OK, but somehow I didn’t manage to use any of my English proficiency (red: I’m not boasting!) and use verbosity in section 1… The topic itself which I’d chosen, “Fame”, is very general and wide in scope and could’ve easily get hasty sweeping statements of mine… Hopefully my subjective opinions in that narrative-argumentative essay will be well accepted by the examiner!

Wait a sec, Toshi…. You wrote a narrative-argumentative essay? What on earth do you mean by such a type of essay?



It’s a combination of both narrative and argumentative formats of an essay. You know, when you get to pour in your arguments into an essay but more from a first PoV… So, you use the word “I” a lot, instead of “it seems….”.

For example, there are sentences which I could’ve written as:

“According to a survey conducted by The Strait Times lately…”

I wrote as:

“According to a survey I read in The Strait Times lately…”

Informal? I don’t think so. It’s simply like telling a story about your opinions on social matters more freely…

Are you sure it’s OK?

Of course, why should it not? It’s well damned OK, FYI, and I got quite a high mark of 19/30 using the same format last MYE (though I’m not confident enough I’ll get around the same project this time round). I have never read any of the English essay guideline books or similar stuff, as for me it’s simply a waste of time only. I’ve thrown away my books of “Writing Argumentative Essays” or “Sec 3 & Sec 4 O-Level Model Compositions”, as I don’t actually like to be confined to rules when I am expressing myself (thru any media, not only in an essay).

Now you know how liberal (and maybe rebellious) my inner spirit is! Though a Japanese façade is shown outside by my bold expression of love for Japan (with my phrases “Tadaima” and “Itadakimasu” being said when I enter my room and start eating respectively, and with my habit of having Yukata as daily wearing), there is still a true blue Democratic American eagle residing inside my heart! This feeling of nationalism towards my beloved country of America urges (and pulls) me to be free in any aspects of life

I don’t like, and I don’t give a damn at all, to any rules or regulations which I think are illogical or unnecessary. Now that’s an opinion of mine. You need not agree with it, but at least I respect the freedom of your expression if you have an opinion 180 degrees from mine.

For example, there are multiple of school rules which I have broken during my stay in ACS(I) which may have earned me a full-6-demerit-points if I got caught. But I always manage to escape them all somehow, lolz. I won’t mention any of those rule breaking activity here, as I dun treat this Blog as a Confession Box, esp. as this blog can be read by any of my schoolteachers. Thus, enough is said.

English I (Compre) and E-Maths I (no calculator) are coming tomorrow, and as usual, I dun reali giv a damn to both. No need to study for English lar, and I can simply manage to score a B for E-Maths as there is a time gap of 1 week+ to study for E-Maths paper II, during which I can study more and earn more marks.



No, no, no.. I’m not getting into a TLCH-like person (initial is given to protect identity)… You know what, this guy is somehow laughable at. He got an L1R5 of 24 for Sec 3 Mid-Year, 25 for Sec 3 Final Year, and 31 for Sec 4 Final Year, and yet he is still quite confident he can get an L1R5 of 10 for Prelims.

Then you ppl out there say to me, “When there is a will, nothing is impossible”

Bah, no need to quote the philosophers. TLCH is one admirable friend of mine who has a strong will, yet zero effort. Really, he is simply too idealistic, overconfident, and over-optimistic abt himself. He thought he had studied well, but still, during these prelim days I’ve caught him playing Runescape at times. Playing Runescape for me during these days is no big deal, as the Prelims will not have any crucial effect for me anyhow. But anyway, I have this so-called “concern” that he won’t make it to his target of ACJC (or even the previous RJC target!).

Man, I’m dying to buy an MP3 Player to replace my bulky-and-not-so-portable MP3 CD Player of mine. They’re quite expensive though. Sony Walkman 512MB and Panasonic 1GB cost the same price around $140… I’m confused in which one should I buy. I’m in love with Sony’s sleek and elegant design, but at the same time Panasonic’s double memory size tempts me more due to affordability.

What about Stanford’s offer of $100 SECOND-HAND Samsung?

That one?

Oh, forget it. I rejected it. Second-hand 512MB for $100? My budget is limited, you know. A rich guy like him selling a second-hand electronic item some more… No, thanks. My bargain of $80 instead was rejected. Then it’s certainly a no-go for both of us.

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