Missing Bali so much!!

This week has acquired my highest level of brainpower, as I struggled (and still is struggling) to study for my Final year exam papers.... Now I'm halfway through them. Still have 7 papers though. Counting... counting.... It means there are 7 papers left. They are: E-Maths, A-Maths, Higher Malay, and Lit Core. Well, the last one I mentioned is one of the hardest papers yet quite enjoyable, as it requires my skill of logical thinking, interpreting, and bluffing (?!!!).

Before this week started, last Saturday night in particular, I heard the news of the Bali bombing faster than even those living in Jakarta. By that time, I was studying in the prep room and suddenly my friend Daniel who was studying next to me informed me about the blast.

"Mas, Bali dibom lo..", Daniel said.


"Bali dibom"

"O ya?"

I was not interested in hearing the news as I thought he was joking.

"Bali dibom lagi. Ini gw baru aja disms ama temen gw"

"Ah, masa?", I looked at him incredulously.

"Iya. Coba preksa aja"

My mind was filled with 90% disbelief, but I got a tinge of awareness that he may be correct.

I went out to the prep room, and quickly phoned 2 of my friends in Bali: Ruth and Lina, just wanna check it out. They were unable to be called. Then a sense of fear gripped me. My friends (esp. former classmates) could be anywhere by this time! It's weekend now! Hopefully my fear of them getting on to the worst scenario wouldn't come true.

I turned on the TV. "Three Bali blasts...."

So it was true. I quickly informed my fellow Balinese scholars about this news

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