Some criticisms and enlightenment

As usual, life never changes here… Always busy schooldays and sleepless nights. Well dear, I wonder when I will have a bit of rest. Since I received this Singapore school based scholarship, my life has gone on and on like that. Not boring, only exhausting. Oopsss….. Be careful, Toshi.. govt is watching!!! Hahahaha…. Yeah, I’m talking about the recent news on newspaper, where the Singapore govt is said to have passed a law to curb racist remarks made in any media. Isn’t that crazy? Well, dun think strangely pls, I’m NOT racist! I have never made such remarks (nor have I?? That’s a challenge for Singapore govt, I think *devilish smile*). The problem is, we who are currently on this Singapore land, must be blog preferably. Along with that racism-curbing, I think the govt will pass another laws such as anti-govt-curbing or anything like that which will make Singapore ppl’s freedom of expression confined under “tight security”. Sigh.

I thought Singapore is a democratic and liberal country. Where’s the democracy??? If they pass such laws, International world will see Singapore as a non-democratic country (what’s the opposite of democratic? Is it communist? *devilish smile*)!!! Even know I think Indonesia is more democratic than Singapore. As a newcomer in Singapore, I’m not sure whether Singapore has any direct-by-people-elections, but FYI Indonesia just planted its base of democracy not long ago, and now I see that Indonesia is better than Singapore in this demos-kratos affair. How pathetic Singapore is! And… one thing more. I’m also uncertain if the PAP has any opposition, but I can say that there is almost no party fights in Singapore. If Singapore has any direct-by-people-elections, I bet the situation is sooo drowsy!! LOLZ.

Enough about my criticisms, OK? I dun wanna anger any Singaporeans for seething them, I know, won’t do me good.

Hm… any good news lately? Well yes, for sure. The last September one-week holiday was spent in Jakarta, it was a quite enlightening for me to be there, as meeting my family and my pets satisfy my longing for them. One thing I’ll never I forget is that during that one-week-break, I had a discussion with Mom & Dad which changed my perception about USA (Enough. This part I won’t explain, it’s too confidential).

akhlis  – (1 November 2009 at 00:23)  

Wherever we live, we're destined to wish living in somewhere else. I have no idea why, but that's humane. People living in 4-seasoned countries want to got to tropical areas but then they complain about the torturing heat. people in tropical countries long for going to subtropical areas but then they know how much they can't bear frigid weather.
And it happens to you, too.

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