A short history of myself (Part 1)

I was born in the year of 1989, sumwhere in Indonesia. My dad is a Portuguese-Arabic-Sulawesi descendant, and my mum is an Aceh-Sundanese-Chinese. (.Although my dad has an Arabic blood, it doesn't mean that my family is Moslem. In fact, my family is a Catholic family). Anyway, if ppl ask me where do I come from, I juz answer that I'm an Indonesian, as that's my nationality. You may think that I'm an ang moh (caucasian) at the first glance, and I've experienced it several times when I meet anybody for the first time.

I lived in Jakarta almost my entire life. At the age of six, my family moved to Richmond, Virginia, about several miles away south of Washington DC. I schooled there in "Robert E. Lee" Elementary school(they don't call it Primary as British and Singaporeans do), and none did I know by that time that my experience of living in an English-speaking country(America) would be very useful for me now, although I only lived there for eight months. Just two weeks before my seventh birthday, we moved back to the suburbs of Pondok Pinang area in Southern Jakarta.

I nganggur (do nothing) for several months until I was registered to SD Don Bosco in Pondok Indah area(SD=Indon. for primary school). Quite an expensive school. Firstly I did not enjoyed schooling there as I was not used to the educational system of Indonesia, and I even often think of stop going to school, but after a year I enjoyed it and I schooled there until I graduated from SD. I continued my SMP(secondary school) for a year in the same school, SLTP Don Bosco and a year later I moved to a coastal town of Sanur, in the south-eastern of Bali.

Have I mentioned that my Dad works in the tourism company? He had worked several positions in some distinguished hotels around Indonesia(and other countries too), and that's why my family often move to another cities. Kinda nomadic, lah...

Um... I'll continue the "history telling" tomorrow, OK?? Have not enough time now... Bubye...

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