It has been 3 days since the last time I blogged... Sorry! I address my apology to all of you friends who frequently take time to read my Blog.

Today I wanna curhat(share my deep feelings). I'll tell you the only reason why I getting more seldom to blog. Of course, it doesn't mean that I'm starting to neglect this blog. But... Lately, I go online in my school library only to open my Friendster account. I checked my Blog too, but it took so long for me to take care of my Friendster, and it made me had no time to blog. Do you wanna know why? I'll tell you. Actually, last Monday, a girl named E(I dun show her full name to protect her privacy) added me to her FS acc. Well, it may seem normal, and at my first glance to her photo, I didn't feel attracted to her. But as I see in her profile that she's an ang moh(westerner), about the same age with me and now is in the third grade of an SLTP somewhere in Jakarta, I juz iseng-iseng buka aja all her FS photos. When I saw the close-up photo of her(wearing school uniforms), I said to myself, "Wah, lumayan jg nich cewe"

Then I juz read through to some of her testimonials, without paying much attention to her profile. But as I read her profile carefully, i was dumb struck. "Wa la ue, ternyata nich cewe udah ada cowonya". I said that to myself juz when I see her "In a Relationship" status. You know, that the profile of FS can show the status of the account, whether he/she is Single, In a Relationship, or Married. So, she had put the worst status I expected to see. You know, that if a teen put a "Married" status, you'll know that it's juz for fun(iseng aje). But if a teen put an "In a Relationship" status, it might be 90% correct. Well, I dun say 100%, bcoz I was one of the ppl who put isengly that "Relationship" status when I was single. Yeah, like that lor....

Erm... anyway, I'll continue tis Blog tomorrow. Now I hav not enought time to finish tis Blog, bcoz I hav to log out from tis library comp in a few minutes. Bubye... C'ya tomorrow..

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