Hm... Juz post new blog today...
Sorry. Yesterday was The Founder's Day of ACS, and we ACSians from the whole Singapore got a day off for that(not really, bcoz in the noon, we got to go to Kallang Indoor Stadium for that Founder's day event, and that's the reason why the library was closed so i couldn't go online). Being there yesterday... was quite refreshing to us ACS(I) boys, bcoz there were quite a lot of galz from ACJC and ACS(International). ACS(Int) is a new school that was founded juz tis year, and it's at the same level with Secondary.

Yeah, back to the main topic. I won't write bout the Founder's Days event at all, bcoz it was quite boring. But what i'm concerned about yesterday is..... (psst... the ACJC gals!!)

Hm... Today? The day started with raining... Yup, very lebat!!! Tumben, bcoz Singapore has been very hot lately. Yesterday also polluted lor, when i woke up, i sensed that the air of SGP is getting much more polluted now.. Yeah, that raining caused us students to hav the PE lesson "under the cry of cloud", you know.

Today there was A-Math, E-Math, Chemistry.... Wow, Chemistry. I do hope that my Chem test could show any progressing, but... it seemed that i still need time for it. I only got 12 of 20 for the Chem test about Chemical formulaes, you know!! But i promise to myself tat i can do much better than now. See... readers?? Keep my promise!!(and...ehem..... please pray for my success in my studies!)

Today's Compre for English was quite difficult, which now i hav for homework.. It was about huskies in Greenland.

^_^Sori ya, kalo blog saya hari ini sepertinya tak nyambung, kerana otakku lagi tak begitu in mood for writing a blog... The reason is bcoz now i hav a lot of ****s rite now!!!

(The censored words are for your own discretion!!!)

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