Interact Club acivity: Flag Day

Today there was academic award which was held in the Auditorium... That's why i huijia earlier and can put blog entry at 12 pm. A bunch of smart ppl received the award.. i hope i can receive it for the next year too.. But i guess it would be difficult, huh??

Hm... Last Saturday was damn fun n interesting!!! The interact club activity, which was about collecting donations in the whole Singapore(the money will go to a hospital)... The interactors were divided into groups consist of four, and i got a group that collect donation around Plaza Singapura, juz outside the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. The collecting was started at 9 and ended at 4, and it was only 2 hours of the whole time given was spent around PlaSing, bcoz there were a lot of interactors from other schools, so they were somekind of rival, lor.. About 11, we moved on walking(and collecting donations from the other pedestrians) to Lucky Plaza in Orchard... There, we ate our lunch at McD, and found the ACS interactors who gets Orchard area, and found out that their donation tin was already full, very heavy. Mine was just still half full..

We found it exhausting when it was around 2 o'clock, and ordered a drink in a cafe.. U know wat, my friends juz slept in tat cafe!! Such a lazy thing to do, it was only me who stay awaken, and about half an hour later they woke up and we all continued collecting donation around Granger Rd..

By the end of the day, my tin was quite full and heavy.. Wat a great pleasant i had for it!! Especially activities like tis cannot be found in Indonesian schools.. HAHAHA.... SORRY FOR TEASING INDONESIAN SCHOOLS!

As a result for the exhausting Saturday, now i have been having a sore throat since yesterday. I dunno wat's the connection between my throat and the exhausted state, but it sure does have.Please pray so i'll get well soon, OK??

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