Sometimes I wish I could go back to that life in the tropics, to Indonesia.

In the tropics:

  • Life was much slower-paced,

  • I had more close friends I could hang out with,

  • It was much easier to get a date,

  • I had my entire family (including cousins, aunts, etc) reachable within a short bus ride, and

  • Martabak vendors are just a short motorcycle ride away.

Here in the Midwest:

  • I barely get enough sleep,

  • It's a nonstop cycle between my full-time work shifts and my full-time college,

  • I have nigh no time to even meet any close friends,

  • so far, the last girl I asked bailed out on me,

  • I only have my Mom and my sis (in August), and

  • TacoBell sucks. Really sucks.

I mean, I do admit that we have Skyline Chilli here, but it does not diminish the very fact that TacoBell sucks.

Moreover, despite the fact that Kentucky is the origin of Kentucky Fried Chicken, I tell you the truth here: Kentucky restaurants in Southeast Asia have better-tasting chicken meals than KFC in Kentucky.


However, anybody were to ask me if I'm interested to visit Indonesia now, I would answer NO wholeheartedly.

I am not interested in that whole "new life, everybody has changed" thing that my friends and family members are gonna display in their faces when I meet with them.

I love the old them in 2009. I prefer the old them in 2009. I am totally not interested into those new changes they have in their lives.

If only I could go back and revisit those Indonesians of 2009 (as opposed to the Indonesians of 2011, who mostly sucks like hell), that would be heaven for me.


Monica  – (14 July 2011 at 11:58)  

sometimes is sometimes, the future time is how to think to critical thinking about sometimes? is it just a some hope or some hopeless?

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