Delights of Spring

Air conditioners whirr
as heat settles in
delights of Spring

by toshi


on Chinese spammers and How to penetrate Japanese readership

Due to the multitude of Chinese Mandarin spammers who comment in my blog lately, I am obliged to put comment moderation on all my posts (while it was previously confined to those which are at least eight days old).

I was reluctant to do so, but I have no other choice. These half-wits seem to think that my blog is a dumping haven for all their nonsensicalities. I hope this sends a clear message to them.

Let me digress.

It comes to my satisfaction to see that my French-language blog has started to penetrate Francophone readership. Both my Japanese and Indonesian ones do not succeed as well though, perhaps attributed to the fact that there are less people who use the latter two, apart from them being newly-founded blogs.

As somebody raised in Indonesia, I am well attuned to what Indonesians like and what they are used to read. However, it will be quite a while until I finally find a "Japanese soul" that is well-suited to my writing style, as I had discussed briefly in this post.


The birth of Toshi's Japanese language blog

After years of studying Japanese (on and off), I've finally released a blog in Japanese. Partially inspired by my friend Boon (who in turn was inspired by my French blog, as he told me), and coupled with the fact that this may be a good opportunity for me to practise the language, I decided to open that new blog.

Regarding the naming of the blog...

Firstly I looked for a more cheerful name associated with nature such as Natsu Yasumi (Summer Holiday), Kawasemi (Kingfisher) or Take no Ko (Bamboo Shoot). But they were all taken.

Then the choice came down to two available names. Both start with "Bamboo". I don't know why I like it. Perhaps having the name "Bamboo" on my new blog gives it a more subtle, Japanese touch to it.

It was either Take Zao (Bamboo Pole) or Take no Izumi (Bamboo Springs). In the end, I eliminated the name Take Zao from my option because of:

  1. I want to have the kana No (の) which enables readers to differentiate my blog from thinking that it is written in Mandarin.
  2. "Take no Izumi" has a nicer ring to the ears than "Take Zao".
  3. The name "Take Zao" itself has an initial of TZ which, if used as a blog title, would seem too deliberated (if you understand whom what I'm referring to..hehe)
So now I have four blogs in four languages (the other one, Jakarta Hijau is not really an individually authored blog). Under the danger of being one of those bloggers who have created too many blogs in the blogosphere (but rarely write any post at all), I promise I would do my best to ensure that there will be at least one post every month for all four of them.

Now that the introduction to "Take no Izumi" is done, please drop by for a visit in my Japanese blog!


Indo-lyric: Takkan Terganti (Marcell)

English translation:

Can never be replaced

Been alone for a long time
In these quiet steps
I'd never have guessed that in the end
You're no longer by my side

Reff 1
As time comes and goes
Even if you're no longer there
Nothing could ever change me
You're the only one in these corners of my heart

Reff 2
Only you
Who can make me fall and love
You're more than merely beautiful
Bcoz you can never be replaced

I'd never have guessed that in the end
Your promises and mine would cross each other

Back to Reff 1, Reff 2 2x

You can never be replaced

Original lyric in Indonesian:

Telah lama sendiri
Dalam langkah sepi
Tak pernah kukira bahwa akhirnya
Tiada dirimu di sisiku

Reff 1
Meski waktu datang dan berlalu
Sampai kau tiada bertahan
Semua takkan mampu mengubahku
Hanyalah kau yang ada di relungku

Reff 2
Hanyalah dirimu
Mampu membuatku jatuh dan mencinta
Kau bukan hanya sekedar indah
Kau tak akan terganti

Tak pernah ku duga bahwa akhirnya
Tergugat janjimu dan janjiku

Kembali Reff 1, Reff 2 2x

Kau tak akan terganti

*(as requested by a friend)


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