on Chinese spammers and How to penetrate Japanese readership

Due to the multitude of Chinese Mandarin spammers who comment in my blog lately, I am obliged to put comment moderation on all my posts (while it was previously confined to those which are at least eight days old).

I was reluctant to do so, but I have no other choice. These half-wits seem to think that my blog is a dumping haven for all their nonsensicalities. I hope this sends a clear message to them.

Let me digress.

It comes to my satisfaction to see that my French-language blog has started to penetrate Francophone readership. Both my Japanese and Indonesian ones do not succeed as well though, perhaps attributed to the fact that there are less people who use the latter two, apart from them being newly-founded blogs.

As somebody raised in Indonesia, I am well attuned to what Indonesians like and what they are used to read. However, it will be quite a while until I finally find a "Japanese soul" that is well-suited to my writing style, as I had discussed briefly in this post.

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