on Borrowing (and renting) DVDs

I've gotten used to borrowing DVDs from the library these days. They are free, and the libraries here have a large supply of movies, ranging from the classics to animes and sometimes, new releases too.

And they have TV series too. Right now I'm rewatching some of the episodes of Xena:The Warrior Princess which reminds me of my childhood...I just love it.

But how unfortunate, the library doesn't have that many supply of the newly released movies. So there is this new movie rental that I start to frequent, and it only costs $1 to rent two regular DVDs for five nights (and $1 per DVDs for the most popular titles).

Which is a good price, really. Even better, new members of the rental can borrow them for half the price for the first month.

So on average, I only pay $0.25 to borrow a DVD for five nights! Not bad at all.

The good thing about the rental is that I only need to show my ID card and give my cellphone number, and that's it, I automatically become a member! No membership fees whatsoever.

I've rented some titles such as Casanova, Burn After Reading, The Pianist, Smart People, and The Devil wears Prada. The Pianist is a very highly recommended movie, really.

I would like to get some horror movies to watch too, as they have some interesting titles such as Freddy vs Jason or The Autopsy...but too bad I live by myself at my apartment. Now I understand fully well how it gets pretty creepy when you live on your own.

Probably I'll watch them after I get a new roommate, haha.

akhlis  – (30 December 2009 at 04:02)  

Xena? Hmm, I did watch that, too. Lucy Lawless is unbeatably 'feminine' there. I love reading Greek myths and watching xena was a total fun as I could watch the sexy Aphrodite, or the wild Calisto, or the blonde Gabrielle. Kevin Sorbo played cameo in Xena, if I'm not mistaken.

Jakartass  – (2 January 2010 at 10:17)  

Hi Toshi ~ are you still in Tangerang?

Drop me an email and I'll place you (back) in my blogroll in the appropriate category.


toshi  – (3 January 2010 at 14:45)  

Nope, I'm no longer in Indo. I've sent you the email..it's still the same old jakartass@fullproof...., right?

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