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There have been a lot of Japanese coming by Spartan these days. Perhaps they're part of those working for Kubota, the Japanese construction company located next door from Spartan I'm working at.

Then there was this Sanzei American who came by the Spartan deli last week. A Californian-born Sanzei, to be exact. Tried to speak Japanese with him, to no avail, as the only person still speaking Japanese in his family are his parents and his brother.

What a shame.

Hence I promised myself from that day that even if I marry a Zimbabwean lady, my children have to be fluent in Indonesian.

It is my responsibility and a promise I will hold firm.

Oh wait, I won't marry a Zimbabwean.

My soulmate is, and will always be, an Asian woman. This is one belief I've held strongly since my childhood.

To be noted though: the term "Asian" here is a wide-encompassing term of a continent and not particularly specified on Oriental countries, meaning that she could either be an Indonesian, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Korean, Taiwanese, or a Thai.

Just not to give the wrong impression.

akhlis  – (24 November 2009 at 21:44)  

My..my...why d'ya always underrate Zimbabwe huh? On your Wikipedia profile, you make people guess which one is you only to get awarded some m/billions Zimbabwean dollars and now? haha.^_^
But by the way, you shouldn't plan who to marry ,you may later find that's only narrowing down your chance to get a chick...or you end up being girlfriend-less or the worst, wife-less. Haha ,just a little advice from a 26-yo confirmed bachelor ^_^

toshi  – (24 November 2009 at 22:02)  

It's not really abt narrowing down... Some ppl mistake me for that.

Just bcoz i dont think that Western women are a good choice, it doesn't mean that i'm being picky. Between us and them, there are a huge gap...

For example, most American women nowadays are not the "stay-at-home" mom type, and they are much more independent than Asian women are.

Several exceptions do occur of course, as Asia is also advancing towards better standards of modernity and feminism. But at least, the proportion in Asia is much smaller :p

Will elaborate more on that by making a post sometime later though.

As for your question abt Zimbabwe... Well, aren't we all used to making mockeries abt other countries? What abt the "Nehi-nehi" of India or "Haiiiya!" of China? :p

akhlis  – (24 November 2009 at 22:18)  

Huge gap? Elaborate please.

You're right about the typical Asian women stereotype. they're more domestic in traits. I guess that's why thrifty Caucasian men hunt Asian ladies (so as not to hire babysitters or employ a maid)..haha ^_^

Also you're right about mockeries about other countries. I wonder how other countries make mockery about Indonesia...Can u tell me?

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