A Florence update

As for today, I've stayed in Miami for eight days, Covington for three weeks, and Florence for five days.

So far, the Florence experience is the most pleasant one of all.

I won't go into any depths telling what kind of travesty I had to traverse during my Miami and Covington days, but I'm quite glad to say that those days had passed.

Now I indulge myself in the daily routines of having these activities below:

  1. Practising my basketball shoot
  2. Tossing American football with David
  3. Watch plenty of DVDs for night marathons (I have a TV for myself here)
  4. Doing some house chores
  5. Biking
  6. Go online
  7. Reading a good book from the library
  8. Playing Nintendo Wii
  9. Waiting for the job call
Is that all?

Nope, I think I left out "swimming" and "strolling by the creek" and "going to the drive-in theatre"... But that's all I could elaborate here.

If anyone is wondering in whose residence am I staying now, I would like to make a long story short that I'm staying with a family friend.

Or, as I can sum up my whole Florence experience in one word: Homestay.

Zora  – (4 September 2009 at 22:42)  

Seneng yah melakukan activities disana thom?

toshi  – (5 September 2009 at 23:29)  

hehe iyalah. ih tumben ngasi komen di blog fp..ada angin apa? =P

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