Lack of ethical code in American commercials

One blatant thing I notice from American commercials is their lack of ethical code.

In Indonesia, it is unethical for shampoo commercial of A company to make a mockery out of shampoo B.

Hence, if the A company wants to make a product comparison, they have to totally blur the image or logo of the B company due to ethical reasons.

But in America, such a mockery is completely fine.

Let me mention some real examples here.

I have seen a commercial on TV of several guys eating on the same table... Several of them eating a $5 meal combo of KFC, while one is eating $5 Subway sandwich.

That one guy who is eating a $5 Subway (and obviously had to pay more for his drinks and fries) was obviously made fun of. The commercial then ended with the catchy line of "Taste the UnSUB side of KFC".

Find it hard to believe? Then google it.

There are also multiple examples of insurance commercials of Allstate, Geico and Statefarm pitting themselves against one another in terms of which one is the most economical insurance company.

I thought the American ethical code (and law) is tough, but apparently, what is permissible in one society may not be acceptable in another.

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