New World

by Winnie Aisha Y.

SMP Labschool Kebayoran

This is the gate to the new world
The sky is crimson red,
It is burning with forty degrees of humanity
This is the scene when
A servant separates from its master.

There, white tents are built.
Famine, plague and wars have become our today
This is the new world you insist it to be.

And there were days when you?
The leaders, the nobleman, the educated and the rich
Had gathered and dressed
With masks and multicoloured eyes
Laughing and dancing around a starving boy
Who awaited his death at a vulture's beak.

Is this the new world you had described?
I only see refugees in their homeland
Falling skyscrapers and starless sky behind a midnight curtain
Where could you be?
Did you fall into the space between the earth and its death?

While, on this wounded earth, from far away
I can hear the rattle of guns and rifles.

We are all brothers
Waging war on humanity.

This is the broken gate of the new world.

mudsun  – (4 July 2009 at 01:29)  

FYI, i think you mistype the school. there isn't Labschool Kemayoran but Labschool Kebayoran.

toshi  – (4 July 2009 at 03:28)  

thank u for the correction. i present my apologies :)

bohemystic  – (11 October 2011 at 03:44)  

hi this is totally awkward. I realize that you have posted my poem in your blog (2 years ago) hehe. I'm flattered :)

toshi  – (14 October 2011 at 19:33)  

Yes, I published it here bcoz it was a moving, beautiful poem. You sure have a talent!

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