My Mind

by Nadine Kamarwan

You enter a maze and you're instantly lost
A puzzle that can never be solved
Where fantasy and reality mix
Call it "something not broken, that still can be fixed"

With screws, coils and all the gears
A being that grows bigger with years
Something filled to the brim, yet still so vast
With plans for the future and dreams of the past

The worries of the present, wild and untamed
Carefree happiness with rage inflamed
Total chaos with a sense of order
Freakishly insane from border to border

From softened stories to cold, hard truths
Like the filled-up shelves of an empty booth
Like the most common thing you could ever see
To the weirdest things that something could be

Sarcasm, irony, wit and charm
Dangerous but they do no harm
The most peculiar thing you could ever find
That is how I describe my mind

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