How to smuggle food pass the airport check without having to pay duties

A family member of mine (I couldn’t tell here who it was, and for the sake of anonymity, let’s call him H) once smuggled a lot of food when he entered USA without having to pay a single pence for duties.

How did it pass the X-ray?

He told me how.

It may be a classic trick to some, but to me it seems kinda smart so I’ve decided to share it here anyway.

“What do you bring? Could you open your suitcase, Sir?” asked the immigration officer.

“Sure. No problem” H answered, unzipping the suitcase for the officer.

A stench smell reeked.

“Ugh..Yuck! What the hell is that?”

H answered nonchalantly, “Dirty laundry…I haven’t got the chance to wash them for a week”

“Now that’s disgusting. Go, close that suitcase back!” he seemed annoyed with all that smell.

In the X-ray, the food and clothes lumped together without any clear distinction between each, so it was indeed credulous enough for H with his ingenious trick.

On the bottom of the suitcase, he packed all those food stuff into one, and on the top of them, he stuffed a lot of dirty clothes.

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