The extremely offensive connotation of the word "bitchy" in Indonesia

One of the marked differences you get when you happen to be an Indonesian living abroad is that you learn new connotations of an English word you thought you have known all along.

Here I'll discuss the word "bitchy".

In Indonesia, when one describes another person with the English word "bitch" (or related adjectives thereof), most people would quickly translate it literally according to what they see in the English-Indonesian dictionary (i.e. "female dog" or "prostitute").

On the other hand, while it is still commonplace for native English speakers to translate that word literally, those Anglophones tend to take on a less offensive connotation of it.

As most of us know, most Anglophones rarely mean it condescendingly when we use the word "bitch". Some are even proud to call themselves "bitches", because today it is increasingly translated as "a sharp-tongued person"

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