Why the French hate speaking English

The French people are stereotyped in the world for their snob, what with all those pretense of being unable to speak English and all. One quite well-known historical incident quite was a couple of years back when, during a speech conducted in English in a UN assembly, the entire French delegation decided to leave.

But after some thought, I think the French does have a reason to dislike the English language.

When you eat "French fries", do you know that it actually originates from Belgium?

When you say "French kiss", do you know that the French people has another term, baiser amoureux (lit. "lovely kiss")?

And when we utter obscenities, we have a perfect phrasal verb to excuse ourselves:

Pardon my French.

If it were "Pardon my Hebrew" or "Pardon my Russian", it would have turned into a racial slur. But nah, the French have been quite tolerant of us English-speakers... We have insulted them too much, haven't we?

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