When one no longer tunes in to the news, one gets a peace of mind

That holds true, especially for me.

I find it peaceful that I no longer subscribe to Jakarta Post, no longer flick intermittently between BBC, Al-Jazeera and MetroTV (I've never really had any keen interest in CNN, which is too biased in terms of heaving support for the West).

I only found out the news about swine flu just recently.

What do I think of it?

Nah, this is merely one of those trends. People now frantically foresee the doom of everything, what with the WHO putting the disease on Stage 5, Stage 6, or whatever consequent levels they would like to sum up to.

However, I find it terribly amusing that you, and the guy next door, and your relatives are worried sick of consuming porks (unless your religious obligations does not allow it in the first place) and meeting Mexicans (plus Americans too).

Here are two reasons why:

1. Not a single pig today has been found with swine flu (H1N1).
2. Chances are higher that you die of regular flu than the swine flu. There has so far been less than 2,000 deaths worldwide of swine flu. On the other hand, regular flu has killed more than 13,000 since January 2009... It would take a little while longer before the pandemic or whatever-tags-you-would-attach-to-it reaches you (and kill you).


Take precautionary measures is OK, but don't fall into the paranoia. Let's accept the Mexicans with a hearty warmth again.


On Manohara Pinot's life... let me see.

She was rich, he was richer, what do we lack here?

Oh yes, he's an abusive hubby. Apparently a Cinderella-type of fairy tale only exists in storybooks.

Moreover, she was not in rags like Cinderella; so I guess it is a lesson for us all.

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