How snobbish this friend of mine was

I used to have this old friend of mine who was so snobbish that whenever his savings sum up less than SG$1000, he deems himself as broke.

There was that day when he asked people around to borrow money, "Dude, you have some $50? Can you lend me?"

When we asked him for what purpose, he answered "I'm broke, Man. I cannot have my bank account savings number less than $1000"

What the hell, I say.

He talked like that as if he earned the money himself, Gah!

That is one freaking $1000 given by his parents, in case he has not realised. If he happened to be born to one of the less fortunate families, he would not even be able to purchase those blackberries and laptops that he always parade around.

What a snob.

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