Chrome as the second preference and my botched Live Writer

Whenever I'm bored of browsing with Firefox, I make use of a second browser which used to be Safari (putatively the fastest browser there is).

Now, I've uninstalled Safari due to its frequent crashes on my XP. I still don't get why, and I don't care anyway, nor did I bother to look for explanations by Uncle Google.

The substitute would be the newbie Chrome (who also belongs to Uncle Google). Its display is quite eye-friendly, very much alike to Safari... And I don't think that I'd ever need Safari back on my desktop.

Despite many people's liking towards Opera, I still haven't got used to it. Opera is Melody's fave browser where she keeps all her bookmarks and cookies and web history untouched, so I suppose I'll just let it belong exclusively to her.

On Live Writer, I'm still using the 2007 edition and haven't updated it ever since.

The 2009 update edition is all muffed, trust me. I've recently installed the 2009 edition of Live Writer on Mom's laptop and to my disappointment, all the paragraphs are jumbled up here and there, what with all those HTML mess and other whatnots.

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