Ascension's Day

A thoroughly pleasant Ascension's Day yesterday (21/5).

Started off with the morning mass where I meet the Ciputat folks (Uncle R's bunch and Aunt I's family). After the mass I met Pak Juven and Pak Heri who are still teaching on my primary school (to my pleasure, they remembered me by name! How I love it when people still remember me after years of not meeting them). Then the folks came over by my house where the adults had some chats and the kids played card games.

Zee asked me out to have the wi-fi at McD, which I agreed to. As she hasn't brought her laptop yet, so off to her place we went.

There, she took her laptop which I think is unproportional to the owner, considering the normal size of 14 inches... She should've bought a lighter one, geez.

During our way there, she asked my opinion on her not-so-new haircut.

It had been cut so short that it doesn't even reach her shoulder.

"Hmmm.... I think I like your long one better"

"Really? Haha you share the same opinion with most of my other guy friends"

"Yep, most of us do like it better to keep it long", I smiled," Why on earth did you cut it anyway?"

"Hairfall. Yeaa...I used the wrong conditioner", she grinned.

Around 3 or 4 we arrived at the venue. Aunt I and Zee's sister Moi only dropped us there to pick up her Oma in Bintaro.

In McD, nobody seemed to notice that we haven't purchased any food (yet both of us sat idly there in a dark corner, maliciously hoping to get a free wi-fi).

But alas, it required a password.

So she bought fries while I took spicy chicken. Thank God I didn't purchase Sundae, because both of us did catch cold under the minimum temperature of the air-con.

Still under that dark gelid corner where we could find a power outlet to charge our respective laptops, we sat side-by-side. She was kinda busy with her messenger while I worked on my blog. Exchanging some interesting websites and sharing the fries she bought, it felt great to be at one of the comfiest places to go online (in direct comparison to my French's CCF building).

I iDescribed her on Facebook, from which she protested "why don't you describe me as athletic?".

So I took a slightly condescending-yet-joking look at her meager posture, and suppressed a laugh. I told her that I've never seen her doing athletic or running anyways.

And we laughed.

My girls are mostly skinny and I wonder why (with the exception of Debs, whom I think is hot).

She teased me, "what should I describe you as...T.... hmmm.... you're definitely not religious, of course not.."

"Well I go to church every Sunday", I quickly objected. And mockingly I peeked at her laptop.

"Ah cmon, don't peek T" she threw a glare at me.

"Geez, I'll be seeing it on my news feed soon anyways"

Just around 6, her mom (Aunt I) came over to pick us up. Oma was already inside, so I snugged just beside Zee in the car.

During our way for dinner in Bintaro Plaza, Zee and I listened to Rihanna and Mraz on my iPod. We chatted about my ex- Dins and my best friend Debs while we were changing tunes.

She told me how she still loves that "I'm Yours" song very much. Ah, so it has been on her fave list for that long.

The whole family originally intended to have dinner in EsTeler, yet after second thought we decided for Solaria instead. There everyone except Moi (who had Kway Teow) ordered fried rice.

Well Zee and her mom had half a plate each actually, since they shared the same repast.

Zee asked for pictures -loads of them- for the both of us (and some with the addition of her sister Moi). Moi couldn't take a picture without blurring any of them, so Aunt I offered to be the photographer instead.

It really is nice to have pictures with someone as narcissistic as I do.

After an hour or so there, Moi intended to go to Gramedia yet Aunt I said it could be well too late since Zee was supposed to go to school and I had my French lessons in the morning.

So we accompanied Aunt I to BreadTalk.

From the Plaza, the five of us went back to her place. During our way back we chatted again, this time about our childhood together. How I was surprised how much she still could recall from those days. I didn't even recall anything worth mentioning from that one time when she came to Bali and visited my place in Sanur.

When we reached her home, it was a quiet night as usual.

After changing to her nightgown, she asked me to help with her homework upstairs. On her living room we discussed some stuff about each of our future, what she intended to study in the university and where.

She could very well come over with me (and my family) to the States if her mom could finally have the work permit there, so may God help us all. Their only barrier is their English.

At 9, my Mom came over to pick me up. Zee and I then agreed to hang out again sometime around the next two or three weeks, arranging a vacation together before I depart for the States.

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