on Megawati-worshipping in Bali

Personally I am always astounded at the level of adoration the Balinese people had always put on Megawati.


I mean, everyone knows very well that Megawati's grandmother was a Balinese....so what, then? Does a Balinese grandmother guarantees that she would have the Balinese character of being a down-to-earthly person?

In my opinion, she is nothing more than a mute politician: have you ever seen her making any intelligible speech on the podium?


So why do the Balinese still adore Megawati, then?

Please stop supporting her.

In case you Balinese have not realised, she was the president in charge who had made the Balinese tourism suffer hard enough; it was during her administration that she approved that Visa-on-Arrival which contributes to one of the sheer number of factors which deter foreign tourists from visiting Bali.

The five years that she ruled Indonesia was already boring enough, I really hope that we will not have another five.

Albeit the incumbent is not necessarily much better, at least he has some sort of charisma and ability to make a decent speech in English.

From what I have heard, the political parties of Golkar and Gerindra have been gaining grounds in the province, which had previously been loyalists of PDI-P (the party led by Mega).

Great move, I love it.

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