Why I don't tweet

Despite the fact that I am one of those netizens who surf the internet on a daily basis, I don't think that I'll ever have the incentive to tweet (i.e. post your regular updates on Twitter).

Nah, tweeting simply shows how unpluggable (i.e. unable to disconnect your life from the world wide web) you are. And that, in my holy opinion, is so uncool.

I myself do take some pride on having been able to unplug from my chatting messengers (e.g. I have not logged in to my Yahoo! messenger nor MSN for nigh over a month by now), because at least I am now able to spend less time in front of the computer and finally, detach myself from that Geeky image which some people say I was endowed with.

I have nothing against Twitter, really.

But I just think that updating my public status on Facebook is already a sufficient alternative... Do you not think so?

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