Which school subject is more important... Maths or Language?

My Maths teacher at my former school once reprimanded her student whom she caught doing his English homework in the middle of her lesson. He told him, "I suggest you stop doing your Maths, young man... Maths is a subject more important than anything else you could take, don't you know?"

Then during one of my English lessons, another student quoted what my Maths teacher said to our English teacher regarding the importance of Maths beating any other subjects. He rhetorically quipped to the teacher, "Madam, how important is studying English actually? Maths is more important, you know..that was what Madam [Math's teacher name here] told me.."

Then my English teacher told the class, "Well class, pen is still mightier than ruler, you know."

I could not agree more.

It's not that I have a tendency to dislike Maths here, but for you Maths-lovers (or Maths-experts) out there; take heed:

No matter how advanced you have studied your Algebra or Geometry or Trigonometry, you still need a decent grammar in order to make yourself acceptable to the society at large. You would still need to learn language in some detail in order to write a book, present a paper, or teaching in class with a good grammar and grasp of vocabulary.

On the other hand, those linguists or philologists do not need to study Calculus in detail in order to make a literary criticism, do they? Just being able to add, multiply, subtract, and divide would be sufficient for them to make a living... Lingo-experts do not need to play on numbers (apart from managing their monthly salary or taxes, of course)

QY  – (28 March 2009 at 22:24)  

hey dude where are you schooling now?

toshi  – (31 March 2009 at 01:32)  

Will make a blog entry on my current education soon, buddy :)

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