on having movie subtitles

A friend of mine who happens to be effectively bilingual on Indonesian and English once complained about Western movies screened on theatres with an Indonesian-language subtitle.

He said it slightly distracts him from enjoying the entire movie fully.


As an effective speaker of both Indonesian and English myself, I disagree with him to a large extent.

I personally think that having subtitle does indeed add to my enjoyment in watching the movie, particularly because it helps me to notice certain things I might have missed or misheard in the first place.

On "mishearing" them, I am not referring to my lack of proficiency in either languages. Of course not.

It does not matter whether it is an English movie with Indonesian subtitle or Indonesian movie with English subtitle (The first time I watched the legendary Ada apa dengan Cinta? in full was in a Singaporean channel, with English-language subtitle).

On the other hand,I do not mind on having no subtitles at all. It is just a matter of having them as additional options.

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