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Dobutsu Uranai is a website that claims to be able to determine our personality by the basis of Name and Date of Birth alone. Quite accurate, methinks.. You should try it out!



You are Black koala, who is cheerful, amiable and youthful.
But you lack activeness and prefer to be on your own.
You are not good at taking leadership and to take initiative.
You react after carefully considering the action and are convinced.
Even if you are asked your opinion, you don't speak from heart and you don't give out your opinions.
You think you are acting cool, but people around you think you are eerie.
You can not stand to hurt others or get hurt yourself, so you tend to be nice to others.
You have a sharp instinct and when having an argument, you try to develop the argument by reading the other person's minds.
By doing so, you effectively make your point.
Both cautiousness and timidity reside in you.
If you rely too much on first instinct, your action may be haphazard.
Nevertheless, you tend to be strong-minded, and will put in all your effort, even if you upset your health.
You are indifferent to commodities.
You tend to be careful with money, so you won't experience much loss.
You have extremely strong likes and dislikes of people.
You have lots of friends, but at the same time you can create lots of enemies too.
You may exhibit extraordinary talent as a scholar or an entertainer.

bloggerbercerita  – (13 February 2009 at 20:33)  

Aku udah coba dan aku posting di note Facebook. Akurat sih... Banyak yang bagus2nya. Cuma paling benci pas satu kalimat terakhir. Cuih!

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