Can Toshi become the President of USA, too?

Seeing Obama clinching his victory as to become the 44th president of USA last November, my family got into this conversation below.


Mom asked my Dad, "So... What about our Toshi? Can he become the president of America too in the future?"

Dad quickly denied it, "Nah, I believe that's not possible"

I was thinking that Dad was referring to my lack of my leadership skills when he continued, "It's because both of Toshi's parents are Indonesian citizens"

I grappled with the fact for a while, and tried to rebut it, "but Obama's father was..."

"A Kenyan citizen, yes, but his mother was an American. Obama could become nominated as president because one of his parents is an American national"

"But what about Arnold Schwarzenegger? He is the governor of California now, right? I thought both of his parents were Austrian citizens"

Dad glanced from his paper, "Well yes indeed. You could become a Governor or Senator too, if you'd wish. But don't ever dream of becoming a president... That's just not possible according to the American constitution"

I pondered to myself, and checked what kinds of similarities do I have in common with Barack Obama. Well, here they are:

1. Obama and I are natural-born American citizens.

2. Obama and I have a mother who can speak Indonesian language fluently.

3. Obama and I have spent at least four years in Indonesia.

4. Obama and I have a strong emotional affinity with Indonesia.

5. Obama and I are members of the Democrat Party of USA.

6. Obama and I have a father who is NOT an American citizen.

7. Obama and I have at least one other individual in the family who is an American citizen.

8. Obama and I have family members who possess faith to either Christian or Muslim religion.


Gee, it's just too bad that I couldn't become the next president of USA too... But becoming a Senator of Florida or Governor of Oregon would do too, I guess.

Rob Baiton  – (19 January 2009 at 10:16)  


Then you are going to want to get back to the USA soon and start building your political networks and setting up markers for future collection.

Good luck.

Muhamad Fajar  – (28 January 2009 at 08:31)  

Whew, Obama's Twin haha :D

~Friend of Gilang

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