They're breathing the same air as we do

When I walk on the streets of Jakarta and remember the riots of May 1998 (when I was 10 years old), I said to myself that there were a lot of people were involved in that riot.

And they numbered in tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of them are scattered across Jakarta.

Where are they now?

A lot of them have looted those department stores and raped those Chinese Indonesian women.... Why are 99% of them still walking free as of today?

It shudders me to think that the ones involved in that looting and burning and raping are still walking free as those bus drivers, newspaper sellers, station officers, security guards, postmen, white-collar workers, insurance agents, you name it.

We meet some of those freaks everyday and we may not realize what kind of fucking crime they had done during the year 1998.

Have they regretted their actions?

Are they tortured by guilt for burning the properties that belong to the Chinese Indonesian tycoons?

I doubt so.

They're still breathing the same fresh air as you and I do, and it just gives me the creeps that they could still provide us with much affability with their smiles in the quotidian life of Jakarta.

Anonymous –   – (15 December 2008 at 21:39)  

Yes, well, such is the way of the world. It is unfair. There is no justice. Look at Wiranto and Prabowo and all those other freaks and the grand freak of all Soeharto. He's deaed but Wiranto and Prabowo are running for President of Indonesia. There certainlly is no justice in that. So, it is good that you write this post. There is one thing that all of can do and that is not to forget. Never forget. If we forget then they win. So keep at it. I will too.

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