on Dollar-Rupiah exchange rates

Seeing that people here and there are making a big fuss on the Financial Crisis, I just said... "hmm?"

I had previously thought that I only have to relax, because the ongoing Financial Crisis only affects Indonesian business owners, CEOs, or shareholders, right?

But I was WRONG.

Much of the success of Plan C that my parents and I had decided upon a couple of days ago (sorry folks, this blog is restricted to my closest friends only) is largely dependent on how this crisis could heal too.

Little did I know that I also have to keep a close watch on the Dollar-Rupiah exchange rates.

Ah, so this mess has gotten its grip on me too.


Above is the figure for USD-IDR exchange rates, which reaches point highs of 11,400 on 28 October to 30 October, for a consecutive three days.

On 31 October, the highest apex reached was 11,150 while on 2 November, the peak was 10,950.

Now speculation is widely in the air that the peak of the Dollar-Rupiah exchange rate could reach a new low on 4 November, which is the day of the American election.

I don't know how it comes about (because I myself am not very knowledgeable in the Forex issues), but let's just say that the prospect remains sweet for a couple of days ahead.

Between today and 15 November (which coincides with my own birthday), I will be keeping a close watch on the Dollar values.

I certainly hoped that sometime and two weeks from now, the peak exchange rate would be at 10,000 at its most, perhaps deriving from a better optimism in the future president?

Who knows. I myself have voted for a change in Washington, so for the moment, let us just pray that he would take office.

My parents and I are waiting for a peak figure of 9,900 before we could implement anything in our Plan C.

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