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Much has been said about how America has finally come to terms with its racist attitudes in the past, what with electing Obama into office only 40 years after the civil rights has been accepted nationally... So I guess I won't comment on that one.

I am proud myself to announce that for the first time in decades, Virginia (which is originally Red, or Republican-leaning state) has turned into a blue state! Hahaha glad to be a part of the Virginia voters!

(my ballot was sent from the Indonesian chapter of the Democrats Abroad affiliation of Dem Party, check this post for further reference)

It would suffice to say that while I am very much happy to see Obama taking the office, while some Asian markets have shown a positive optimism on the day after election, Rupiah has not shown any promising outlook, with the figure of exchange rate still straying around 11,000.

Ah, what a disappointment.

I'm still looking forward to see the figure drops back to its previous rate of 9,900 and below, as to implement some real changes in my family plans (read: Plan C).

And yeah, Plan C is very much related to the relocation of my family back to the States and also to claim the ownership of that "thing" somewhere outside Indonesia.

God, I really want to visit that country and see that "thing" for myself! Ahhh... I just can't wait to see what has been mine all along! Big Grin

Rob Baiton  – (7 November 2008 at 19:08)  


Obama has talked a good talk, now it is time to walk the good walk. With a Democratic House and Senate he should be able to get plenty of "change" legislation through and turn the Supreme Court majority liberal (assuming the vacancies come up).

However, despite the incredible success that it is in becoming president-elect the reality is that his legislative record is thin.

I am a looney leftist but that does not mean that I cannot have concerns about what those of the same ilk propose. I think a President Obama is going to have to be a lot more centrist and bipartisan than he has ever been in the past.

This is one of those occasions where time will tell. We won't full know an Obama legacy until it is all over in 4 or 8 years time. The legacy will be much more than just being the first black president, although that is a legacy in and of itself :D

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