Bird cage dilemma

I remember my senior back then in my primary school days who lived in Pondok Ranji, Ciputat... He had a house which was literally surrounded by birds... There were more than 20 cages of birds of all sizes and colours and habitats, from the cute parakeets to the ferocious-looking eagles.

Now it may look beautiful to some, but if I thought about his house and his neighbourhood a bit further, I would realise that it would take a while for newcomers in the area to get used to all those cacophonous chirpings all the time...

And another thing, those birds are restricted in their privilege to fly.

I pity them for sure, but there is also the consideration for dilemma:

If those birds are freed, they could become victims of hunters and poachers. There are plenty of those kinds of people in the country.

Which makes it a dilemma, ain't it? Should those birds be freed, or should they be caged?


PS: This blog post is NOT metaphorical and does NOT in anyway reflect my own emotional thoughts.

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