10 rudest words in Indonesian language

Warning for Indonesian-speaking readers: I must admit, I have had a hard time making this post today as comfortable as possible for a wider range of audience. A lot of expletive words ahead. All the impolite words have used yellowed font, and you could highlight them at anytime if you want to read them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Here I have compiled ten rudest words in Indonesian language. They are listed from the least rude (no.10) to the rudest (no.1). This compilation is basically for academic purpose only, and for those of you learners of Indonesian language (or visitors of Indonesia) so that you will know what kind of words you should never say to an Indonesian.
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10. bangsat (dork) this word has the ambiguous definition of "flea", which makes it the least rude of the 10 compiled items today.
9. brengsek (jerk) a little harsher than the word no.10.
8. bajingan (bastard) this word basically means a "guy who impregnates woman and shirks away from his responsibilities".
7. babi (swine) as it is rude in English.
6. anjing (dog) being a predominantly Muslim country, where dogs are regarded as unclean animals; saying this word to another is regarded as very rude.
5. tai (excretory product) very rude indeed, just like the S-word in English.
4. memek (female reproductive organ) this extremely impolite word is quite rarely found in frequency.
3. perek (callgirl) for you male creatures out there, REFRAIN from using this word to any Indonesian lady, ever! An English-speaking girl may forgive you for calling her "bi***y", but there is no way that any Indonesian girl would forgive you if you use this word to describe her.
2. ngentot (to have intercourse) its English equivalent, the F-word, is regarded as the single most impolite word in Anglophone countries. In Indonesia however, it gains the second position. Though this does not in anyway suggest that it is safe to be said to anyone, though.
1. kontol (male reproductive organ) this is the utmost impolite word in Indonesian language. Unless you are under an extreme fury or such, refrain from using this word to anyone, ever.

Rika Nova  – (24 March 2017 at 14:48)  

Bangsat is actually derived from a very stinky insect, and Bajing is a flying squirrel.

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