What will she look like when she's grown up?

A couple of years back I watched a sermon on TV by the well-known Christian pastor Gilbert Lumoindong from Jakarta. It was a sermon for youths regarding the topic of love and sexuality.

He addressed the topics in a very entertaining way...

His preach is, in my opinion, quite similar to the Muslim Imam Abdullah Gymnastiar's; who can address issues that are universal to all religious backgrounds, hence attracting viewers from other faiths as well (Some of my Hindu friends have also told me how they liked Aa Gym's sermons).

Now regarding that Gilbert's particular sermon, there was one anecdote that I could not forget till this day.

It goes like this:

"For you boys in this hall... Do you know what will your girlfriend look like when she's grown up? And for you girls, do you know what will your boyfriend look like when he's grown up?"

The question was directed to the entire audience, yet nobody seemed to know the answer. So he continued:

"Here I tell you: If you boys wanna know what your babes will look like in her adult years; then take a look at her mother. Her mother is what she will turn into...

"Similarly, if you girls wanna know what your hunks will look like in his adult years, then take a look at his father. That boyfriend of yours will most surely turn into his father when he's grown up."

The audience seemed to get excited with the answer.

"So be careful girls! The guy you are dating now may seem like the hottest hunk at school, with all his spiky hairstyle and athletic body... But when you see that his father is humpback and bald and skinny, then I tell you: be prepared for the worst"

The audience laughed.

"Similarly, the girl that you are dating now may seem like the sexiest babe you could ever have, with all those hot lips and glossy lipsticks... But when you see that her mother is a fat and bad-tempered woman, then too bad for you!" he smiled.

Another laugh and applause from the audience.

The anecdote above may have no statistical basis (indeed, nobody has ever done a survey on it); but frankly, there is nothing wrong in taking that anecdote as a guide for me to see girls.

Because regarding the last girl I fell for, I don't think her mother is that bad... In fact; I'd be delighted to see that girl mature and be a caring person like her Mom.

But enough of the topic of my own love life, haha.

It's not like I'm still having any feelings for her anyway.

(Or have I? Gosh, why is it so hard to tell my own feelings? Haizz...)

boonsp  – (9 September 2008 at 11:11)  

Remember Freudian Theory? That theory exists for a reason. =D

Though the theory sounds sick and not very convincing, the very existance of theory shows that the things that you talk about exists.

Bleah.. I think my sentence up there cannot be fully understood. =\

toshi  – (10 September 2008 at 00:08)  

I think my sentence up there cannot be fully understood. =\

lols, i dont even know what u're trying to say there. lols

btw freud is sick through and through and there is no way i'm gonna link my own beliefs to his. hahahha

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