A promise you can't keep

This scene below happened back in late 2006 in my classroom. The students' names are changed to protect privacy.

Two of my classmates, Wayne and Randy, were quarreling over a borrowed book during Mr Koh Soo Keong's Geography lesson.

Then out of his outrage, Randy shouted to Wayne, "Fuck you!"

That shout was loud enough to be heard by the entire class, and everyone fell into an eerie silence.

Even Mr Soo Keong stop explaining his lesson and turned around to stare at Randy.

The only thing that frightened us all was to see Mr Soo Keong's response. He was still a new teacher at the school, hence we still had no idea what kind of reaction would he display to the class regarding that F-word.

To our surprise, he only replied calmly, "No Randy, please don't make a promise you cannot keep"

Then he smiled sardonically.

It took us three seconds before we finally understood what Mr Soo Keong meant, and everyone laughed too.

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