My friend the governor's nephew

A friend of mine (who coincidentally shares the same birthday as mine, though we are several years apart) once told me that his uncle -let's call him Joko- actually held one important position in politics.

Several months before Joko's gubernatorial election, he told me, "You know T... If my uncle Joko really is going to nominate himself for this election, I think I'll pass"

"Really? I mean... Why?"

"Hahaha he's a dumb you know; a total dumb. People get sorts of good images of him in the public and media but I must tell you; he's not a really wise guy"

Then one month before the gubernatorial election, I had the chance to see him again.

I asked him if he still kept his word (in not voting for his uncle Joko).

"What are you thinking, T?" he laughed, "Of course I'll vote for him, that's for sure"

I showed him the why-are-you-turning-against-your-own-words look and asked him, "But I thought you told me several months ago that you won't...."

"Nah, after second thoughts, I think it would be a hell lot better if I vote for him. All the 'benefits' would be shared by the entire extended family anyway, and I surely will get my portion!"

"You one lucky jerk!" I grinned.

"So what, then?"

And we laughed.

The month later, my pal's uncle won the election by a thin margin over his rival. As of today Joko still holds office as the incumbent governor of one of the provinces in Java island.

I was indeed fortunate enough that I was not registered as a voter in Joko's province, otherwise I would have voted for him like my pal had. Those who had voted for him in that election must have regretted such a decision, because as my pal had told me; Joko is not a very wise person; despite the fact that he holds a university degree from abroad.

Regarding the social issues faced by his province, Joko's comments in the media do not in anyway reflect a single bit of his supposed intelligence.


I assume by now all my Indonesian readers must have known who Joko is.  Big Grin

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